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Fun for All Ages

Traveling with the entire family? We have tons of fun things to do near Portland with kids.

How about a 7,000 square foot arcade? Bumper boats? Bouncing off inflated walls? Indoor carnival rides? Mini golf? Pizza and arcade games? We have it all here at our various entertainment centers!

The Tualatin Valley is tops when it comes to outdoor recreation. Our zip-line parks, nature trails, cycling trails, waterways and forests attract visitor from across the globe.

Here in the Tualatin Valley, “family” is our middle name! We have many fun family destinations that add to the excitement of traveling.

We also have fun activities and sports, including skateboarding parks, outdoor archery, indoor ice rinks, bowling lanes, indoor rock climbing and so many other activities and attractions that kids and teens love.

While museums may not be on the top of many kids’ list of things to do, our museums are awe-inspiring.

Explore the fun side of the Tualatin Valley, where the adventures are endless.

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Our Museums Are Awe-Inspiring

Squeeze a little education into a Tualatin Valley getaway. With museums as fun as these, the kids will never know they're learning something!