Eclipse Planning


Plan to Have Fun and Plan Ahead

Eclipse Planning – Transportation

We want all visitors traveling to Oregon to see the eclipse to have fun, and we encourage everyone to plan ahead. Here are some tips from the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) to help you plan your solar eclipse adventure.

Different traffic patterns. Normal travel paths may change. Communities may close streets to through traffic or ban left turns or right turns to keep traffic moving, especially in areas near gatherings with many eclipse visitors. ODOT does not plan to close state highways, but some left turns may be restricted from or to highways.

More signs with advice. You’ll see hundreds of extra roadside readerboards warning you about road issues and reminding you to avoid distractions and be even more careful about fire danger.

Tripcheck is a great resource and provides drivers with the most current travel information available, using embedded road sensors, other travel data and more than 400 highway cameras. Check up on the traffic on your planned route before leaving home.

Things you can’t see. All over the state, ODOT emergency operation centers will be up and running to help law enforcement, fire fighters and emergency medical providers do their jobs and saves lives.

Another concern to be aware of during the summer is wildfires. August is our dry season, and ODOT wants to spread awareness of this danger with its “7 Steps to Avoid Starting a Wildfire.”