Resources & Research

Resources, Research and Information for Industry Partners and Stakeholders

More than 2 million travelers visit Washington County annually, bringing in more than $670 million into our community. As the official destination marketing organization for Washington County, the WCVA conducts and provides research, plans and reports about the local tourism industry and economy.

Tourism research is an essential tool for our industry and tourism-related businesses. This research not only helps us track trends and tourism-related performance, it also helps us gain a better understanding of who the Washington County visitors are, how much they spend and what they spend money on while in the destination.

The WCVA, along with our industry partners, collects tourism-related data to help us make decisions about how and where we market our destination, as well as identify our strengths and weaknesses. In addition, the WCVA releases various reports and plans, which allow our stakeholders and industry partners to learn more about the initiatives the WCVA is undertaking, as well as how our organization is performing.The following are research reports that provide more information about visitation to Washington County, as well as what the WCVA is doing to attract visitors to our destination.

Research & Resources

Oregon Travel Impacts, 1991-2014

Travel Oregon's report details statewide, regional and local travel impact estimates, including travel spending and visitor volume.

Banking on Nature

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services details the economic benefits to local communities of visitation to National Wildlife Refuges in its 2013 report.