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Tualatin River Water Trail

Tualatin River Water TrailThere are trails for days in the Tualatin Valley, making outdoor lovers some very happy campers when they visit. No matter your outdoor activity of choice, we’ve got the attraction—and accompanying guide!—for you. Whether you’d call yourself a Pisces, water baby or just somebody who loves being near good ol’ H2O, our latest guide should get your fins going.

The new Tualatin River Water Trail guide describes the points on the Tualatin River that are currently accessible to the public, starting at the mouth of the river and working upstream from there. Order a guide for detailed descriptions of river access points along the lower stretch of the Tualatin River. The guide also includes an extensive, easy-to-read map. In addition to river access points, the map also calls attention to parking access, caution areas, restrooms and restaurants near the water trail. In short, it’s super helpful!

Labor Day weekend marks the last open hours of the season for the Tualatin Riverkeepers’ kayak rentals; however, avid paddlers can still bring their own kayaks and canoes to river access points year-round. As we transition into fall, expect higher flow levels, fallen trees and submerged debris. With these conditions at hand, the water trail best for intermediate and experienced paddlers in the cooler months.

If you want to paddle post Labor Day, but can’t schlep your own gear, then register for a beginner stand-up paddle boarding class with Dog Star Adventure Tours. These classes, which run into November, meet at Cook Park for a 90 minute foray into fun watersports.  

While ordering your free Tualatin River Water Trail guide, why not check the little boxes for some other guide goodies, too?  We’ve got fantastic guides for cycling, the Vineyard & Valley Scenic Tour Route and our Nature Passport that we’d love to deliver right to your mailbox!


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