Solar Eclipse FAQs


Solar Eclipse FAQs

We want you to have a fun, safe visit while visiting Tualatin Valley and Oregon during the eclipse. Here are some tips and FAQs to ensure your visit is fun, memorable and safe.


  • When will the eclipse start? Approximately 9:05 a.m., depending on your location
  • When will the eclipse end? Approximately 11:38 a.m., depending on your location
  • How long will the eclipse last? Approximately 2.5 hours from start to finish

Safety Tips

The Tualatin Valley is expected to get a partial eclipse of 97-99% totality, so it’s imperative to wear special eclipse-viewing glasses. Do not look directly at the sun; use proper eclipse glasses, which must be used to observe the eclipse.

If you are planning on taking photographs of the event, make sure to get a special camera lens, as shooting the eclipse may harm your lens. And don’t look directly into the camera’s viewfinder without protective glasses.

Read more safety tops from the NASA website >>>