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Take Care Out There


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Take Care Out There

Oregon is a beautiful place and we’re lucky in Tualatin Valley to be perfectly situated between mountains, forests, coast and farmland. We love this state we call home. That’s why we want to enjoy it, keep it beautiful and stay safe with these simple values: Prepare, Care, Connect.

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When you’re ready to head outdoors, don’t forget to be prepared. That includes everything from bringing the right gear to knowing your group’s abilities.
Ask yourself — Who’s coming? What’s the terrain like? How much time do you have? Consider these factors and know the conditions before you head out.
Don’t forget the essentials. Wear layers and sturdy shoes, bring plenty of water, snacks, maps and cash for any recreation fees.
Another vital thing to do before venturing into nature is to tell someone where you’re going and when you expect to be back.

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Respecting nature is an essential part of enjoying it. When you’re out in the elements, remember to stay on designated trails and leave the wild in the wilderness.
In addition to being prepared for the conditions you’re heading into, you should also know your own limits. Aren’t dressed as appropriately dressed as you thought? Know when you call it a day!
One of the common rules for ethically enjoying the outdoors is to leave no trace. If you bring something in, bring it out with you. That includes trash and your pet’s poop! Also, leave nature where it belongs. Enjoy what you see and leave it behind.

You should also take note of who manages the land you’re on. Is it a federal nature preserve? Or a city park? Check the rules and read warning signs so you know what to avoid.

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Being outside has so many benefits for your mind and body. You get to engage your senses, recharge and relax while boosting your mood. Connecting with the outdoors is even better when you do it with family and friends.

Oregonians also love to greet fellow adventurers out on the trails! Say hello to those you pass and take time to meet park rangers to volunteers at cultural centers. Taking the time to chat with the locals may lead to learning something new about the area’s history and culture.

Share the love by shopping local, eating at nearby businesses and even consider donating to your favorite park.

So whether you’re a local or a visitor to our great state, remember to Take Care Out There! Love the great outdoors and it will love you back.

Tualatin Valley is rich in nature and outdoor activities. Connect with nature and explore wildlife while walking through a protected nature park. Explore the forest, revel in the sights and take in the beauty of the valley.

Lake. Imagine yourself taking a dip on a hot day, water skiing or even fishing. Imagine paddling down 40 nautical miles of a peaceful, slow-moving river.

The vastness of the Tualatin Valley offers innumerable options for getting in touch with nature. Nature walks, birdwatching and other outdoor pursuits are on the top of our "life list."

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