Quilt Barn Trail

Quilt Shops in the Tualatin Valley


Quilters Gotta Quilt

Quick Guide to Quilt Shops in the Tualatin Valley

Quilting is more than a hobby; for some, it’s a passion. Here in the Tualatin Valley, this passion can be found at shops throughout the destination, as well as along the Quilt Barn Trail.

Tax-Free Quilting Shops

Discover a hard-to-find fabric or a new pattern at these area shops, where your purchases are always tax-free.

Sharon’s Attic
Quilter’s Corner Store
A Common Thread

Quilt Barn Trail

The Quilt Barn Trail of Washington County is composed of large wood blocks that have been hand-painted in traditional quilt patterns. Currently, 16 quilt barns are on the trail, with many more to come.

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