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Grocery Cart Vacationing

When traveling in another country, one of the best ways to live like a local is to visit a grocery store. But why not do that when vacationing stateside?

Our global aptitude is not limited to restaurants. The international markets of the Tualatin Valley prove that the flavors of Oregon are a mélange of cultures, which is a direct reflection of the diversity of our region.

Speciality markets stock authentic products imported from throughout the globe, including Japan, India, Philippines, Germany, Netherlands, Mexico and other countries.

Uwajimaya is a paradise for Asian treats, ranging from intriguing beauty products to a delightfully overwhelming aisle of teas to try. Just a short drive away, you can dive into to a completely different culinary and cultural destination at the Dutch American Market & Import. Here, sample Holland’s best chocolates and licorice.

The Tualatin Valley’s specialty markets go beyond ethnic food and also include great spots for homebrew lovers.

Between wine tastings and outdoor adventures, sneak in a grocery trip for exotic spices, brewing supplies, sweets, and snacks.

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