Northwest Fencing Center

Northwest Fencing Center (NWFC) is a cutting-edge international training and competition hub, with a reputation for quality instruction, committed coaches and a stellar training facility. The center has grown to become a pioneer in the Olympic sport of fencing in Oregon. NWFC hosts local, national and international fencing tournaments and events.

NWFC specializes in the techniques of foil and epee, with a strong focus on the core foundations of fencing, including coordination, agility and stance.

The Center boasts a 14,000 sq ft fencing facility featuring fifteen grounded three-weapon metal fencing strips, six non-grounded strips, a raised final strip, armory, a workout and cardio equipment, private lockers, large digital information displays, a kitchen, a pro-shop and children’s play area. The center is in the process of being expanded.

Please check the website for hours, event, class and camp schedules and to see about upcoming tournaments.