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The Best Soup for a Warming Winter Meal

Who knew Beethoven loved soup? He said, “Only the pure in heart can make a good soup.” Tualatin Valley is pure-hearted and—in honor of January’s claim to National Soup Month—we are simmering soup for blustery days. Get a ladle and dip into our soup roundup! We promise to show you the best soup for a warming winter meal during our coldest month.

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Classic Soups

When Trailhead Café says it has fresh soup, it means it. The über crisp ingredients take soup mainstays—like roasted pumpkin soup—to the next level. The soup-eating experience becomes even more pleasurable when it’s served in one of Trailhead Café’s oversized tea cups.

South Store Café is the quintessential lunch spot, offering daily soup specials. One favorite is the chicken and artichoke, which offers familiar flavors in a new and tasty way.

Matzo Ball Soup

East Coasters revel in the Jewish deli standards at Sherwood’s Rose’s Restaurant and Bakery. Of course, no Jewish Deli would be complete without a piping hot bowl of chicken soup with a fluffy matzo ball plopped in it.

Asian Soups

Portlanders are known to break-away from their urban streets for Beaverton’s authentic Korean food. The Oregonian even dubbed Nak Won as the best spot for kalguksu, with knife-cut noodles floating delicately alongside thin ribbons of zucchini and tofu. For a truly special dish, the Duk Man Doo Gook cooks dumplings to perfection in savory broth.

Pho Van is yet another Beaverton eatery with piping hot bowls of aromatic soups, ranging from traditional pho to lemongrass and turmeric noodle soups.

Got a cold? Pho will kick it. Vivi’s Vietnamese Noodle House in Forest Grove simmers fresh beef bones, ginger, star anise, cardamom, and cinnamon into a replenishing broth. Vegetarians can enjoy the flavorful tamarind soup.

Soup Cafés

Can’t decide which soup to have first? Start with a three cup sampler at Fresh Thyme Soup Company. The soup shop has old-time favorites, as well as specialties on rotation: chicken, peaches and cream, chicken and pear, and mulligatawny topped with raisins and coconut.

What’s your favorite kind of soup? Sip on it here in the Tualatin Valley.

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