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Nature Passport for Intrepid Trekkers

Nature-Passport_mediumWith the more than 200 species of birds who make the Tualatin Valley their home, it can be a bit overwhelming to figure out where to start your birding vacation in the area. What’s a birder to do? Order the Nature Passport for intrepid trekkers, which gorgeously organizes our 727 square miles of wetlands, parks, refuges, forests, and waters into a user-friendly and page-by-page guidebook. Here, wildlife and botanical aficionados are invited to check-off species from their “life-list,” as well as engage in the interactive elements of the Nature Passport.

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These interactive elements include finding specific flora and fauna at each destination in the passport. As you visit each breathtaking locale, ask a park employee to stamp your passport with the park’s very own emblem. Anyone who collects every park’s stamp will have filled their passport, earning the ultimate bragging rights. With each stamp in your passport, don’t miss the chance to ask each park’s resident expert questions about the habitat and its dwellers, too. In addition to collecting stamps, the Passport also details directions for bark rubbings, effectively creating your own one-of-a-kind stamp for two locations.

Of course, the Nature Passport is not meant to have wildlife watchers in a frenzy, running all over Tualatin Valley as they try to complete the Nature Passport in one afternoon. Instead, move at your own pace, whether you’re completing the Passport as a bona fide birder or a family with curious kids. Each stop on the Nature Passport journey welcomes more than just watching. While exploring, you’ll find opportunities for hiking, cycling, paddling, fishing, and a plethora of other outdoor odysseys.

Have we peaked your interest? Order your very own (and free!) Nature Passport.


  • I really wanted to get your Nature Passport and Land map, but it says I’m entering the wrong code at the end, and my husband and I can’t figure out what’s wrong.

  • We’re so sorry to hear that! You are welcome to call us during normal business hours. We can get your mailing address over the phone and send you a Nature Passport and map. Our number is 503-644-5555. Thank you!

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