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Willamette Valley Bud Break

Oregon wine vineyards

Spring brings the height of lushness in the Tualatin Valley, ranging from wildflowers in bloom to Willamette Valley bud break at some of our favorite Oregon wineries. Bud break is when delicate flowers and leaves begin to pop up on wineries’ vines, bringing us one important step closer to this year’s crop of grapes. Bud break is one of the most exciting times for vintners as it is the initiation of growth from a bud on a grapevine, ending winter’s dormancy and signaling a new growing season.

Of course, bud break doesn’t happen all at once. Waiting for the little buds to peek out can be a waiting game and—depending on an array of factors—can happen at different vineyards within the northern Willamette Valley during a range of dates. We are excitedly using bud break as an excuse to visit different wineries.

Just this week, Ponzi Vineyards called bud break at its property. As its tasting room is open daily, it’s easy to take a scenic drive to its luxe, modern tasting room. Sit on the patio with a cheese plate and take in the little buds dotting the vines.

Plum Hill Vineyards also spotted bud break on its Schonburger vines this week. Not only you, but also your dog, can enjoy the forthcoming swath of beautiful bud break at Plum Hill Vineyards as the winery is dog-friendly. Don’t have a pup of your own? The winery dog, Ghost, will happily greet you upon your arrival.

Yet another place to be on bud break watch is Blizzard Wines as its tasting room’s grand opening is April 29 and 30 (11 a.m. to 5 p.m. with standard tasting fees). Take in not only the awakening vines, but also the stunning new tasting room, too.

To streamline your tour of Willamette Valley bud break, book the wine package with The Grand Hotel at Bridgeport. With your hotel booking, you get complimentary tastings at multiple local wineries. We’ll cheers to that!

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