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Rosé in the Willamette Valley

Pink is one of Oregon’s favorite colors. There are cotton candy sunsets followed by actual cotton candy at the county fair. Then, there are the ripening berries in shades of fuchsia pink, as well as the deep magenta wildflowers found while walking the trails at Cooper Mountain Nature Park. Overall, the Tualatin Valley is blushing.

Rosé is not some trendy, passing fad in the wine scene. Rosé wines have earned their spot at the tasting room through year after year of amazing releases. Among our wineries, you will see Rosé that is made through different methodologies, including the following:

The Saignée method is named after the French word for “bleed” as the Rosé is made from the juices that bleed off during the pressing of red wine. This method is popular in the Bordeaux and Burgundy wine regions, as well as in the Willamette Valley.

Vin Gris
The Vin Gris method does not allow the grapes to have any maceration time. Instead, the grapes are picked—and then immediately pressed—at the ripeness that is best for Rosé. Vin Gris Rosés tend to be light and very drinkable.

The summer heat can be cooled down with chilled Rosé from some of Oregon’s best wineries. Book one of the Tualatin Valley’s wine getaway hotel deals for even more Rosé tastings during your stay. May all your summer adventures be seen through Rosé-tinted glasses (and we do mean wine glasses).

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