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Seasonal Fall Beers

Oregon craft beer

Will travel for beer. Is that your motto? Let the seasonal fall beers of the Tualatin Valley spur you into planning your next weekend trip. In Portland’s backyard, our craft breweries are mashing, infusing and fermenting truly creative suds. The Hilton Garden Inn Portland/Beaverton has even put together a stellar Craft Beer Package hotel deal so that your stay can truly be dedicated to all things hops. Here’s a look at some of our favorite seasonal fall ales:


Ancestry Brewing’s seasonal Cabernet Imperial Stout comes in at a whopping 9% ABV; so, sip slowly and enjoy the view from the brewery’s window, which overlooks wetlands. The stout ages in virgin oak with Cabernet wine for a mellow, yet tannic beer delight.

Three Mugs Brewing

Yet another pumpkin beer favorite is the “A Clever Pumpkin Name Ale” at Three Mugs Brewing. The cheekily named beer has an impressive amount of fresh pumpkin.

Art Larrance’s Raccoon Lodge

Cascade Brewing has its brewing hub at the Raccoon Lodge. The family-friendly brewpub is currently serving up the seasonal Portland Ale, which combines the best notes of a German Pilsner and Noble. The result? A perfect sip for lager lovers.

Two Kilts Brewing

An adult drink that harks back to your childhood is the PB&J Porter. A decidedly nutty porter with sweet, fruity notes is a nostalgic nod to our favorite flavors of yesteryears.

Vertigo Brewing

Cheekily named Left, Nut Brown, this brown ale warms you up as the weather cools down. Chocolate malt and five pounds of honey per barrel make this brew taste nutty and sweet.

Stickmen Brewing Company Tualatin Beer Hall

From its seasonal lineup of beers, Stickmen offers the Winter is Coming brew. Discuss your favorite Game of Thrones character while slamming back a pint of the Dark Rye Saison. The tart Saison contains both Pacifica and Willamette hops.

These seasonal beers won’t stay on tap long—plan your fall getaway to the Tualatin Valley!


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