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Whimsical Outdoor Art at Orenco Woods Nature Park

Discover whimsical outdoor art at Orenco Woods Nature Park. Created April 2017, the public art outdoor sculpture, Head Over Heels, is seven hauntingly beautiful faces constructed from woven willow and red twig dogwood branches.

Nestled between an old growth of Douglas Fir trees, there is a bit of a holiday twinge to the scene. Patrick Dougherty was the artist who helmed the project, adding Head Over Heels to its arsenal of over 250 works. Constructed from and living in nature, the art piece will, accordingly, decompose over time. Nature will do its part and the sculpture will have a lifespan of two to four years. Its ephemeral status is part of what makes it so special. Continue the special experience with two other unique things to do in Hillsboro.

Three Mugs Brewing

Oregon Beer in the Tualatin Valley

For a whimsical taste experience, head to the nearby Three Mugs Brewing. The Cinnamon Toast Ale is a cold weather pick-me-up with its mahogany color and cinnamon-sweet note.

Lebanese and Persian Pizza

After thought-provoking art and creative brews, try an ingenious take on Lebanese and Persian cuisine at Salam Restaurant. The menu includes inventive pizzas with Lebanese flavors. The Manaskish pizza includes zaatar spices and the lahm bil-ajin pizza includes savory ground lamb with crushed tomatoes.

As the wind swirls through the branches of the public art at Ocenco Woods Nature Park, we hope creativity and the satiation from good food and beer swirls within you. Sleep well after your active day at a fantastic Hillsboro hotel.

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