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Oregon’s Largest Food Cart Pod

BG Food CartelBG Food Cartel

Beaverton is gunning to be the home of Oregon’s largest food cart pod. And it’s likely to happen with the BG’s Food Cartel at The Round. The food cart pod, which opened at the start of February, is already hopping with goods from around the world. By summer, the pod expects to have 31 food carts filling the 4,500 square foot space.

The Tualatin Valley Visitor Center overlooks BG’s Food Cartel. So, now our team is basically always hungry as we watch each new food cart roll into the lot. Don’t worry, we’ve been taste-testing each one for you and we can attest that they are all downright delicious. Below, we detail a few or our recent favorites.

A Tour through BG’s Food Cartel

At Abuela Chona, empanadas steal the show. It’s fast becoming the go-to snack for our Vice President of Marketing & Communications, Sylke Neal-Finnegan. She said, “The shell is tasty, and the inside—ground beef, potatoes, onions and more—has me craving this Argentinian treat often.”

For a tangy kick, Buffalo chicken is the answer. Just ask our Tourism Development Coordinator, Ariel Kanable, who described the Buffalo chicken sandwich from the Kickin’ Chicken Wings food cart among the best she’s ever had. Here’s her description of that addictive sauce: “It’s like a sweet creamy buffalo sauce. It’s got a hint of spice but is creamy enough to not kill your mouth.” Don’t worry, Kickin’ Chicken Wings has lots of napkins, too.


BG's Food CartelXiao Long Bao from Asian Legend

I’ve personally been using the food carts to push my culinary limits and try dishes that are new to me. A lumpia from Mariana Authentic Guam Cuisine was a perfect crispy, savory treat. The Asian Legend food cart has one of my favorite Taiwanese foods, xio long bao. The delicate hand-made soup dumplings melt in my mouth. I’ve racked my brain for other food carts with these types of dumplings and I can’t think of one, which makes Asian Legends an extraordinarily special establishment.

On one particularly treat yourself  Friday, I brazenly placed an order for gyro fries at Amazing Gyro. As you can see from the picture above, it’s a decision I did not regret.

BG's Food Cartel BG’s Food Cartel

There’s so much more to BG’s Food Cartel—this all is just a taste. What’s more, the pod includes an indoor bar with local taps, nice bathrooms, an area for dogs and twinkle lights. It’s safe to say you’ll be charmed by the food, the drinks and the surprisingly fresh vibe of what will soon be Oregon’s largest food cart pod.


  • I had gyros there. Good food and the place is clean and inviting. I will be back to try the bao. My husband lived in Taiwan and misses them so. So nice to see Beaverton getting some things to do. Can’t wait to hang out this summer!!!!

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