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A Walk through the Beaverton Winter Farmers Market

Beaverton Farmers Market in the Tualatin ValleyBeaverton Farmers Market

Wistful summer dreaming, quite simply, isn’t worthy of your time. The warm mornings of straw totes, iced coffee and peaches can wait. In the meantime, a walk through the Beaverton Winter Farmers Market is just as swoon-worthy as the farmers markets waiting for you in June. I relish my Saturday morning routine. It involves putting on a cozy fleece, grabbing a cup of hot coffee and meandering market stalls.

Your winter weekend trip is best began living like the locals—which means I’ll see you at the Beaverton Winter Farmers Market (Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.). So, what will you find at Beaverton’s winter market? To get a sense of it all, let me walk you through my last farmers market haul.

Beaverton Winter Farmers Market

First things first: coffee. Dovetail Coffee Roasters is decidedly third wave. The Liberated Blend has tasting notes of chocolate, vanilla bean, and hops. This is basically my dream coffee.

Raw honey at the Beaverton Winter Farmers Marketphotos by Melissa Hay

Honey is the magic cure-all for all my favorite recipes and home remedies. Naturally, I’m routinely picking up a new jar to take home. TBees Honey is owned by a Sherwood beekeeper who wants to share his hive’s raw honey, pollen and decadent royal jelly. And with spring around the corner, these sweet products will prep you for allergy season.

Pasta at the Beaverton Winter Farmers Market

By February, I’ll admit that I’ve somewhat abandoned a Whole 30 lifestyle. Instead, I opt for still mindful whole grains with Esotico handcrafted artisan pasta. The pasta is infused with flavors sourced from the maker’s own garden. A few favorite kinds of pasta include the whole wheat butternut sage, smoked Portobello, and lemon pepper.

Popcorn at the Beaverton Winter Farmers Market

Staying with the whole grains, popcorn is the ultimate winter snack (hello to movie nights when it’s cold and rainy). I like to up my popcorn game with kernels from Sun Gold Farm. I heartily endorse each of the four popping corns available. The mushroom popping corn is my personal favorite, admittedly because I love the optics of truly huge popcorn kernels with lots of surface area for buttery toppings. New to the Beaverton Winter Farmers Market, Golden Elixir Ghee is my go-to for said buttery popcorn toppings.

This truly doesn’t even skim the surface of vendors I love at the Beaverton Winter Farmers Market. While I always load my market bag with fresh fruits and vegetables, my favorite market booths listed above are shelf-stable and travel-friendly. This means that you can shop like a local, but take-home farmers market goods like a tourist.

If the Beaverton Winter Farmers Market inspires you as much as it inspires me, then you can find four additional winter farm experience in Tualatin Valley.

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