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Eat Your Way through Beaverton

When traveling, a question of utmost importance is “What are we going to eat?” Beyond sustenance, meals provide a scaffolding for the day. We talk through the day’s plan of action over breakfast pastries and coffee. Lunch is an elongated affair because, well, why not? As lunch is finished, the inevitable table conversation turns toward what we’ll be eating for dinner. As Oregon’s most culturally and agriculturally diverse regions, eat your way through Beaverton.

Best Places to Eat in Beaverton

Beaverton Breakfast

Oyatsupan Bakers is the Portland region’s only dedicated Japanese bakery. The owner, Hiro Horie, worked for 25 years in baking research and development for the Japanese baking giant, Pasco. With his own independent operation now, Hiro has unleashed creativity in the recipe development for his pillowy-soft sweet rolls and savory curry donuts. Powdered sugar dusts the top of the “Sweet Mt. Hood Pan” for a snowy effect.

After devouring every crumb at Oyatsupan Bakers, take a short drive to Cooper Mountain Nature Park. Here, you can walk off your breakfast and, perhaps more importantly, work up a hunger for lunch. The 3 ½ miles of trails loop through a conifer forest and oak woodlands. Plus, the wide view of the Chehalem Mountains is hard to beat.

Beaverton Lunch

Downtown Beaverton has no shortage of satisfying lunch options. Sonia’s Mix Grill is a favorite lunch spot among the nearby Nike employees. Located as part of a collection of the LaScala Food Hall, you can pair Sonia’s perfectly cooked chicken tacos and arepas with a milk tea from the adjacent Bobablastic Bar.

Lunch primes you for a wine tasting adventure. Start at Cooper Mountain Vineyards for great Pinot Noir and a fantastic education on biodynamic wines.

Beaverton Dinner

Karam Lebanese Deli offers a warming dining experience—quite literally. While ordering, see and feel the pleasant heat of the restaurant’s wood-fired oven baking pita into puffy perfection.

Beaverton Dessert

Ome Calli means “second home” in Nahuatl, a language indigenous to Mexico. Keeping to its namesake, the eatery welcomes you to try the inventive flavors of paletas (ice and cream popsicles). Flavors range from the spicy tamarind with chile to the subtle sweetness of a black zapote, which tastes similar to persimmon.


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