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Reasons to be Thankful

Smith Berry Barn in Oregon's Tualatin Valley

In the season of thanks, we give you 10 reasons to be thankful in the Tualatin Valley:


A cornucopia of harvest bounty is the quintessential emblem of Thanksgiving. We are thankful in the Tualatin Valley for the bursting bounty that continually sweetens the view of the Vineyard and Valley Scenic Tour Route.

Nourishing Food

All that agricultural splendor gives way to locavore-based culinary options. Hillsboro’s Cruise in Country Diner is one shining example for those who want to indulge healthfully.

…And Soul-Fulfilling Wine

Any great meal is remembered not only by the food, but also the wine. Thankfully, the vineyards and wineries of the northern Willamette Valley have award-winning Pinots to share.


Give gratitude to your body and all that it does for you with a leisurely hike at Cooper Mountain Nature Park. The three-and-a-half miles of hiking trails gives plenty of time for pensive thoughts that lead to a healthy mind, too.

Open Roads

The Tualatin Valley is comprised of charming cities to explore that flow into the open roads, including the Tualatin Valley Scenic Bikeway. Cyclists pedal by farms, wineries and wetlands.

All the World’s Creatures, Big & Small

You may come across Tualatin Valley locals that chirp or even have a tail. Those seeking out animal and bird watching are thankful for the Tualatin Valley’s wetlands and preserves.

Quaint Downtowns

Just minutes away from Portland, visitors can follow their urban experiences in the city with more intimate ones in the towns of the Tualatin Valley. Find historic downtowns, revitalized Main Streets and rural communities with charm out the wazoo.


The artists of the Tualatin Valley are always inspired by the land they call home. With that said, we are thankful for their amazing art, as well as the art galleries that house each piece.

Good Books

We’re thankful that Beaverton allows all to experience the iconic Powell’s Books with an amazing selection, A-list events and easy-peasy parking!

A Good Night’s Sleep

A restful doze can’t be beaten. Sometimes the highlight of a weekend getaway is simply the plush hotel bed at one of the Tualatin Valley’s awesome lodging options.

Visitors Like You

From farmers to shopkeepers, the people of the Tualatin Valley are thankful for, well, you! As Portland’s backyard, we love sharing our take on amazing food, wine, art and culture with out-of-town guests. Thank you for visiting, truly.


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