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The Tradition of New Year’s Bubbly

Uncork the holidays with some bubbly.

Why do we drink sparkling wine—be it prosecco, champagne or some other brut variety—on New Year’s Eve? According to Mashed, the tradition of New Year’s bubbly is one that evolved from royal religious ceremonies to aristocratic celebrations to, eventually, most New Year’s Eve parties in Europe and North America pouring bottles of champs (or something like it) at the stroke of midnight.

While often touted for its Pinot, the Willamette Valley’s wineries offer a fizzy mix of excellent sparkling wine choices. Food and wine writers are taking note with recent recommendations.

Expert Picks

For its lineup of the best Oregon sparklers to shop, Food & Wine honed in on the 2014 Raptor Ridge Brut Rosé Harbinger Vineyards. Here, Raptor Ridge Winery’s single-vineyard Pinot Noir is transformed into a sparkling delight of black cherry on the tongue. We suggest a visit to their open and bright tasting room. Here, you’ll find a great indoor view for winter storm watching. Also on the list, Food & Wine calls out the 2015 Elk Cove La Bohème Brut Rosé. You can cheers with the drinkable wine from home—or at Elk Cove Vineyards’ welcoming tasting room.

The Oregonian also took a deep dive into Willamette Valley’s bubbly options with the 6 Pacific Northwest sparkling wines to tickle your nose year-round. This best-of list includes the 2015 Dion Vineyard Wedding Tree Cuvee, which isn’t surprising considering Dion Vineyard’s methode champenoise produces a perfect glass of sparkling wine for any occasion. The winery’s intimate tasting room is often staffed by the owners and winemakers themselves, Kevin Johnson and Beth Klinger. The two are always happy to chat wine.

Candy canes, hot chocolate and gingerbread are just a just a small taste of the holiday excess this time of year. The final hurrah of holiday treats is a not a bite, but a sip. Before embarking on a 2019 health kick, end 2018 with Oregon’s sparkling wine.

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