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Game Weekend in Tualatin Valley


If you like games–especially retro games–Tualatin Valley has got the game for you! Whether you’re a pinball wizard or a Ms. PacMan queen, or if modern board games are more your style, check out these awesome places to get your game on.


The new Arcade Club PDX, located in downtown Tigard, opened its doors a couple months ago. Arcade Club an old school arcade, where gamers can plug in quarters to relive their youths with a fun game of pinball or on a retro video game. If you need a liquid encouragement to help your game, craft beer and ciders are available for purchase.

Hillsboro is now home to the largest pinball and retro gaming arcade in the Pacific Northwest. Next Level Pinball Shop and Museum features more than 120 pinball machines from 1986 to the present, and more than 130 arcade games to play. Fans of retro pop culture will appreciate the collections of toys, action figures, lunch boxes and album covers that adorn the walls.

Board Games

Also new on Main Street in Tigard is Versus Board Games and Senet Tap House. Versus (now open) is a retail shop specializing in modern board games, as well as card games, dice and more. Upstairs at the taphouse, the 21-and-older crowd offers a library of games available to play. Grab a pint, a game and play a board game.

With more than 7,500 games from different areas and parts of the globe, the Interactive Museum of Gaming and Puzzelry has one of the largest publicly accessible game collections in the world. For the price of admission, gamers can peruse the extensive collection of board games and play a game–whether a favorite or a new-to-them game–to their heart’s content.

Escape Rooms

Just a few steps from the new Versus Board Games is Stumptown Escape Games, which boasts oversized escape rooms, challenging puzzles and high-quality set designs. This fun, fast-paced interactive attraction has five different theme rooms, including some that are Oregon-themed.

At Combo & Key  the game resolves around a story, which provides participants with answers they didn’t think needed to be answered. Hear the backstory, solve the clues and get the key to escape the room.

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Game fans of all types are sure to find something to impress and entertain during a game weekend in Tualatin Valley.

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