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Take a “Brewcation”

Beer in Tualatin Valley is a big deal. With nearly two dozen breweries in the valley alone, it’s a part of the vast Portland region beer lovers call a “Beervana.” Portland is one of the top cities for craft breweries, and Tualatin Valley’s proximity to this famous beer city has its perks.

IPAs rule here, but stouts and porters (even better when infused with locally roasted coffee), ambers, reds and pilsners and wheats are easy to find at these local craft breweries.

Vertigo Brewing in Hillsboro in Oregon's Tualatin Valley, Oregon breweriesNew Brews

Tualatin Valley’s newest brewpub is Ex Novo Brewing Co. While this spot in Historic Downtown Beaverton doesn’t brew on-site, the pub showcases ExNovo’s flagship and seasonal brews and brings tasty Detroit-style pizza to the region.

In Sherwood, 12-11 Brewing is a “nano-brewery” now brewing at Smockville Brewhouse. The brewery’s slate of beers include IPAs, a pale wheat ale, porters, saison and more.

The Masters

Tualatin Valley plays a significant role in Oregon’s craft beer origin story, as these venerable breweries illustrate.

Hailed as the founding father of Oregon craft beer, Art Larrance, is still making waves with Cascade Brewing’s signature sour beers. Sample these pucker-inducing ales at The Lodge at Cascade Brewing. Not that into sour beers? The Lodge also features Cascade’s rotating list of beers, including IPAs and pilsners and more.

For more than 30 years, McMenamins has been an integral part of Oregon’s craft brewery scene. Today, it operates 26 breweries, where each batch is handcrafted, bringing out the unique qualities of each brewery and individual brewery. Here in Tualatin Valley, McMenamins boasts three breweries: Cornelius Pass Roadhouse & Imbrie Hall, John Barleycorns and Oak Hills Brewpub.

Summer Beer Festivals

Roadhouse Brewfest (July 20), hosted by McMenamins Cornelius Pass Roadhouse, is an annual non-competitive celebration of beers from the region.

Wilsonville Brew Fest (August 12) is a family-friendly annual beer festival featuring local breweries from around the region, paired with food and entertainment.

When it comes to craft beer in Tualatin Valley, these breweries are just the tip of the iceberg. With nearly two dozen breweries, and even more taprooms and taphouses, Tualatin Valley is an ideal getaway for beer lovers. Take a brewcation to Tualatin Valley and explore the diversity of tastes of Oregon beer.

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