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High-Flying Adventures in Wine Tasting

You know what pairs well with Pinot? Adventure! We like to earn our wine tastings. To that end, we’re sharing a few of our favorite exhilarating Tualatin Valley adventures—and the wine tasting experiences that are located near them. Yes, it’s high-flying adventure in wine tasting!

Indoor Skydiving

iFLY’s indoor, vertical wind tunnel allows adventure-seekers to free fall into the sensation of skydiving before free falling into Pinot bliss at the nearby Hamacher Wines. After changing out of your spiffy skydiving clothes (provided by iFLY, of course), take a 15-minute drive to Hamacher’s cozy tasting room. The 2014 Hamacher Pinot Noir will have you feeling like you’re floating, too, with its notes of jasmine blossoms and cherry.


Tree to Tree Adventure Park is a “playground in the trees,” as well as a playground for your senses. Smell the sappy trees, feel the wind in your hair and hear the whoosh of gravity as your bravely zip from platform to platform.

Just a 12-minute drive from the park, you can simmer your adrenaline with wine tasting at Plum Hill Vineyards. The winery and vineyard are built on an historic dairy farm with a restored farmhouse as its tasting room, but you’ll find a fine glass of wine over a tall glass of milk here. For an unexpected sip, try the Schönburger. The grape tastes like a cross between a Muscat and Pinot Noir (i.e. delicious).

Glider Planes

Each adventure that we present tests your fear of heights even more. For the highest of highs—literally—of the bunch, book a flight with the Willamette Valley Soaring Club. From April through October, you can take a ride in a glider plane. While your flight might seem like it’s only for the courageous, most say that a glider experience is one of the most peaceful outings they’ve ever had. The aircraft gently rises and falls with air’s mellow currents. Without the roar of the engine, you’re left to enjoy the tranquil quiet.

Keep the Zen vibe going with a post-flight drink at Abbey Creek Winery. Just a five-minute drive away, the tasting room even offers an “elevated wine pairing” (how fitting!). The pairing matches five wines with perfectly matched bites.

No matter your adventure or wine of choice, Tualatin Valley welcomes all daredevils, wannabe stunt persons and adrenaline junkies alike.

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