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Pre-Crush Hush

Ruby Vineyards in the Tualatin Valley

‘Twas the month before harvest, when all through the vines
Not a grape was ready for picking, not even Block Nine’s!

While the Christmas classic, A Visit from St. Nicholas, doesn’t exactly match up with our own spin, A Visit from Winemakers, the pre-crush hush of August in Oregon does hold a similar magic to those days just before Christmas. After all, Oregon crush is essentially like the Christmas of the Willamette Valley.

By mid-to-late September, the vineyards of the northern Willamette Valley will be rockin’ and rollin’ with picking grapes—Pinot is actually one of the earliest ripening grapes of the wine world! While our grapes continue to grow and ripen via Oregon’s summer days and cool nights, the winemakers of the region are imbibing in low-key, end-of-summer soirees. Good news: they want you to join them.

Start Crush Season with a Stomp!

Crush season isn’t something to be quiet about–it’s worthy of celebration! Montinore Estate does just that with its Annual Crush and Grape Stomp (September 14 from noon to 4 p.m.; free event). An old-fashioned grape stomp competition will have you feeling up-close-and-personal with the winemaking process. Beyond the grapes between your toes, there will also be food carts, lawn games and tractor rides through the vineyard rows.

Looking at all that’s ahead, calling the next month the pre-crush hush is a misnomer. These wine events are anything but quiet.

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