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Late Fall Foliage

Vineyards in Oregon's Tualatin ValleyFall Vineyards in Oregon’s Tualatin Valley

It is crunch time. By crunch time, we are indeed referring to crunchy leaves on the ground. While the seasonal rains and winds of autumn shook many leaves from their trees—leaving some branches bare—there are still plenty of places to take in the view and, yes, stomp-crunch-repeat some red, orange and brown leaves. Below, we’re sharing some very specific spots where fall foliage is still at its glory.

Clapshaw Hill Road-Vineyard and Valley Scenic Tour Route
Along the Vineyard and Valley Scenic Tour Route, you’ll have 60-miles worth of panoramic autumnal views. Photographers often take a roadside pitstop on Clapshaw Hill Road in Forest Grove. Here, you’ll overlook miles of treetops in various stages of change and colors.

Suburban Stretches
In Hillsboro, Harewood Street is a burst of orange and red along its tree-lined street. In the unincorporated community of Bethany, be sure to stay right at the speed limit so you can take in the slightly curving road at NW Laidlaw Road and NW 174th Ave. Here, the trees seem to follow in an ombre pattern, gaining vibrancy as its lingering leaves reach toward the sky.

Pacific University
When we think of fall colors, our first thoughts often jump to nature locales and scenic drives. However, some of the most quintessential fall scenes that spark an instant pang of nostalgia are found between the old buildings of a college campus. You don’t have to be a college student to stroll Pacific University’s campus. The brick-laid paths between buildings are the perfect foundation for some optimal leaf stomping.

As October flows into November, the glow of red, orange and yellow leaves still radiate throughout our landscapes. Plan a late-fall escape to Tualatin Valley to view the splendor of our fall foliage.

Hagg Lake in the FallHagg Lake in the Fall

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