Meet the Lagesky Family

Meet the Lajesky Family


Meet the Lajesky Family

When casting the actors who would become the Lajesky family, our traveling family from Sheboygan, Wisconsin, it was essential to hire local talent. After a casting call and auditions, we found the perfect family: a bumbling dad, patient mother and two fun-loving children.

Our film follows the Lajesky family as our well-intended father attempts to deliver the most fun-filled, old-fashioned vacation ever for his wife and children, and for some much-needed family bonding. The harder he tries to make the vacation a success, the more things go wrong, and he becomes obsessed with ensuring that everything goes right, which usually results in the family getting fed up with his antics and breaking off in their own direction.

Meet the Cast

The Dad: Brad Stein
The Mom: Ami Ericson
The Daughter: Emily Upton
The Son: Iain Campbell Demarest