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Visit Tualatin Valley’s Winter Wonderland


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Visit Tualatin Valley’s Winter Wonderland

Winter in the Tualatin Valley is a magical escape. Relax by the fire while sipping a glass of Oregon Pinot Noir. Savor a hot latte made with locally roasted coffee beans. Sample a robust stout or hearty IPA at one of the valley’s breweries. Experience the Tualatin Valley’s winter wonderland this season.

Our Wine Is Kind of a Big Deal

Now, more than ever, the Tualatin Valley is raising the bar on exquisite wines. With more than 30 wineries–many with tasting rooms regularly open to the public–this region, located in the northern end of the famed Willamette Valley, has grown in leaps and bounds over the past decade.

Oregon is best known for its Pinot Noir; however, several other wine grapes are grown in the cool-climate Willamette Valley, such as Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Riesling and Gewürztraminer. These cool-climate grapes result in clean, crisp, flavorful wines that tickle the taste buds.

Plus, the Tualatin Valley’s wineries offer first-class wine tasting experiences for the novice and expert alike. Some for the Pinot Noir; stay for the dozens of other varietals.

Tualatin Valley is for the Birds in Winter

While winter signals less daylight and many barren trees, species unseen in other seasons emerge at wetlands, preserves and nature parks throughout the Tualatin Valley. With migration well underway, winged visitors to the valley include land birds heading south and shore birds handing around ponds, rivers and lakes. The combination of the valley’s ponds, seasonal wetlands, forest and upland habitat make the Tualatin Valley both a desirable winter-time stopping point and year-round home.

The best time to view wildlife us during the most active times for the birds and animals: dawn and dusk.

Sightings are not limited to the winged variety. Mammals making the Tualatin Valley their home include beaver, Pacific Brush rabbits, Snowshoe Hares, squirrels, moles, gophers, shrews, opossum, red and grey foxes, raccoons, mink, coyote, skunks, Black-tailed deer and porcupine.

Indoor Recreation Heats up the Winter

Oregon is known for its outdoor recreation, and the Tualatin Valley is no different. However, for those who prefer to tackle a paddle trip, cycling route or hike during warmer months, the Tualatin Valley is replete with indoor recreation, perfect for winter months.

Test your swing at the heated driving ranges at Topgolf Hillsboro. Aim for targets on this computerized range, while sipping a cocktail and munching on delicious foods at this entertaining–and popular–center that is fun for all ages and skill levels.

Right next to Topgolf is K1 Speed Indoor Kart Racing. K1 Speed offers all-electric go-karts, perfect for the environmentally conscious Pacific Northwest. This state-of-the-art location also features museum-quality motorsport memorabilia, the latest all-electric Storm and Junior go-karts imported directly from Italy, an 11-turn road-course inspired track, arcade and more.

In Tigard, spend some indoor time at iFly Indoor Skydiving. This fun year-round attraction takes the art of skydiving and creates an indoor experience for adventure seekers. Suit up and feel the sensation of weightlessness in a wind tunnel, under the guidance of a trainer.

Experience this and so much more this winter in the Tualatin Valley.

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