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Washington County is Preparing to Reopen 

We can’t wait to welcome you to Tualatin Valley…when the time is right.

Washington County has been in Phase 1 of Oregon’s reopening plan since June 1. This phase includes the limited reopening of restaurants and bars, wineries and breweries, personal services, gyms and malls throughout Tualatin Valley. Gatherings of up to 25 people will be allowed for recreational, cultural, civic or faith events as long as physical distancing requirements are met. Social indoor get-togethers are limited to 10 people.

As conditions have changed, Oregon Governor Kate Brown has added a mask requirement for everyone age 5 and older. Face coverings are required in all public indoor spaces as well as outdoors where physical distancing from people outside your household is not possible. Remember to dispose of masks and gloves in the trash.

What Phase 1 Means for Visitors

Currently non-essential travel is not encouraged and it’s still important to stay local. Continue to avoid overnight and non-essential trips, including recreational day trips to destinations outside your community. Those who reside in a county that has not reopened are asked to be thoughtful and stay home.

Essential travel: Generally, essential travel refers to going distances for work, caring for family or other vulnerable populations, or the need to acquire essential items like food and supplies, medical care and prescriptions, emergency services, shelter and legal or financial necessities.

Non-essential travel: Overall, non-essential travel is not crucial to the functioning of society during a crisis. This includes outdoor recreation activities as well as vacations and other leisure activities. Non-essential travel is not allowed in Phase 1. 

What to expect >>>

For more information about the phased reopening throughout the state, please read full details on Oregon governor Kate Brown’s website.

Restaurants and bars, wineries, breweries, malls and more throughout Tualatin Valley are starting to reopen. See what reopening means, and what's open during Phase 1.

Tualatin Valley in Oregon
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