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Get in the game in the Tualatin Valley

From spectator sports, where you can cheer on the home team, to activities where you are the star player, the Tualatin Valley boasts many attractions to help nurture your competitive spirit.

Winter Sports

Curling is growing in popularity here, and winter brings a host of adventure at the Evergreen Curling Club. Learn to curl during a two-hour class, or watch a game in action during a tournament or event.

Indoor rock climbing also is gaining traction at popular bouldering gyms, such as Stoneworks Climbing Gym and The Circuit Gym.


Golfing here is an unparalleled experience.We have more than a dozen golf clubs, including two world-class, semi-private golf clubs, each ready for play. In addition to traditional golf, the growing sport of “foot golf” is available here, as is a rousing game of disc golf.

Spectator Sports

If you’re looking for professional sports, check out the Hillsboro Hops, the Tualatin Valley’s own professional baseball team, and Northwest League champions two years in a row.

We also have a host of many other participatory sports here, ranging from archery and badminton to bowling and skateboarding.

As spectators or participants, there are plenty of sporting locations to run, jump, throw and play all year.

Are you an sporting event planner looking for venues? Please visit our Sports Planners Section for information, venues and more.

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Live a Sporting Life in the Tualatin Valley

Meet the Hillsboro Hops

The Hillsboro Hops has dominated the Northwest since it came to the Tualatin Valley, and you can see them play each summer at Ron Tonkin Stadium in Hillsboro.

It's a Sporting Life

Live the sporting life in the Tualatin Valley, where you can see the greatest athletes of tomorrow in youth tournaments, or bring home your own winning trophy!

Golf and More

Whether you are a master of golf, or you prefer your golf with a soccer ball or flying disc, to you will find it here.