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Why Choose Tualatin Valley for Your Meeting or Event?

Conveniently situated between Portland and the Oregon Coast, Tualatin Valley has a multitude of celebrated attractions and amenities that are as surprising as they are crowd pleasing. Located only minutes from downtown Portland, and about 30 minutes from Portland International Airport, we have a diverse array of meeting spaces, ready to ensure your next meeting is a success.

1. Excellent Venues: Unique, affordable, accessible and exceptional venues that fit the specifications of any meeting and event, plus, diverse amenities, attractions and access to more than 50 hotels

2. Great Rates: Affordable hotel and venue rental rates

3. Free Parking: Free parking at most hotels and meeting and event venues

4. Easily Accessible: Located just minutes from downtown Portland, with  easy access to/from downtown Portland and Portland International Airport via public transportation, taxis and Uber.

5. Professional and Personal Attention: We can help you secure group rates, arrange site inspection tours, provide visitor information, and more.

How we can help:

The dedicated and professional team at the Washington County Visitors Association (WCVA) is ready to provide personal attention and expertise to help you choose your next meeting location. The WCVA will provide assistance–at no cost to you–to ensure your event is as successful as it can be.

  • Send leads to Tualatin Valley hotels for group rates for lodging
  • Provide facility and venue recommendations
  • Arrange site inspection tours of hotels, meeting venues and attractions
  • Assist with planning special group functions and tours
  • Provide visitor information for your meeting attendees

From the picturesque wineries and vineyards of Oregon’s beautiful wine country, to serene golf courses, wetlands and natural spaces, there are plenty of options available, that will make any meeting feel as if it were worlds away from the city.

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Our dedicated sales team will help you secure group rates, arrange site inspection tours, provide visitor information, provide itinerary assistance and more. Contact us by calling 503-644-5555, toll-free 800-537-3149, or send us an email.

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Discover the hidden gem of the Tualatin Valley, where nature, culture, and adventure await you this winter and spring. Order the latest Winter/Spring Inspiration Travel Guide from Explore Tualatin Valley and get ready to explore, taste, and enjoy this amazing destination.

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