Bring Your “A-Game” to Tualatin Valley

When it comes to sports events, the Tualatin Valley takes the gold. With more than 727 square miles of scenic beauty, we’re home to many of the state’s most prestigious venues, facilities and athletic complexes. Plus, with a wealth of team-friendly hotels, restaurants and attractions, there are ample things to do for players and their supporters.

Reasons to choose Tualatin Valley for your next sporting event:

Affordable: Our rental and lodging rates are often less expensive than those of larger destinations. Plus, most hotels in Tualatin Valley, plus many area sporting facilities offer ample, free parking.

Team-Friendly Venues: The Tualatin Valley has a variety of things to do off the court or field. Team-friendly restaurants close to hotels and sporting facilities are perfect for fueling up before (or after) an event, while a host of activities and things to do when not competing are perfect for athletes of all ages.

Accessible: State-of-the-art public transportation, including light-rail, makes traveling to and from downtown Portland and the Portland International Airport a breeze. Hotels are conveniently located near major highways, and many of our sporting facilities are close to hotels, restaurants and a host of activities.

How we can help:

The dedicated and professional staff at the Washington County Visitors Association (WCVA) is ready to provide personal attention and expertise to your event. The WCVA will provide slam-dunk assistance with your event–at no cost to you–to ensure your event is as successful as it can be. To help you plan your gold-medal event, the WCVA offers the following complimentary services:

  1. Solicit group rates on your behalf for lodging, tournament spaces and attractions to help you save time
  2. Arrange site inspection tours of hotels, tournament spaces and attractions
  3. Assist with planning special group functions and tours
  4. Provide visitor information before and during your event, including customized welcome emails

Types of Sports Events Tualatin Valley Has Hosted

Tualatin Valley has hosted myriad sporting events. The following is a list of just some of the events that have been held here:

  • Triathlons, biathlons and marathons
  • Mud runs
  • Curling tournaments
  • Fencing tournaments
  • National tennis tournaments
  • Minor league baseball
  • Youth soccer tournaments
  • Regional high school basketball tournaments
  • Fast-pitch softball
  • Basketball tournaments

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