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What is the Tualatin Valley? Geographically speaking, the Tualatin Valley is the heart of Oregon’s Washington County. The Tualatin River runs through the valley with the Tualatin Mountains–also known as the “West Hills” which is a natural border between the Tualatin Valley and the city of Portland–creating a north and east border for the region, and the Chehalem Mountains to the south.

The Tualatin Valley is lucky enough to be a part of the Northern Willamette Valley, which makes for rich soil and diverse winemaking opportunities.

Historically speaking, the Tualatin Valley is grounded by the Native Americans and Oregon Pioneers who first called this fertile land home. The region’s namesake comes from the hunting-and-gathering Atfalati tribe (also known as the Tualatin tribe) of the Kalapuya Native Americans who lived in villages peppered throughout the valley. In the mid-19th Century, Oregon Pioneers came to the land and began calling it the “Twality Plains.”

Over the years, Twality Plains has evolved into the name of the Tualatin Valley. Today, whether you hear the Twality Plains, Northern Willamette Valley or Oregon’s Washington County, know that all of these monikers are synonyms for the Tualatin Valley.

More than a Dozen Cities to Explore, Each with its Own Charm & Personality

The Tualatin Valley has more than a dozen cities, towns and neighborhoods, each with its own flair and style. From bustling urban centers to quaint rural communities, our cities, towns and neighborhoods provide visitors with authentic flavors of Oregon life.


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