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Home to many working farms, the Tualatin Valley offers a bounty of tasty delights. One of the benefits of being located among the fertile farmlands of the northern Willamette Valley is the abundance of u-pick farms, farmers markets and livestock farms.

U-Pick Farms

Hand-select your own berries, apples and peaches as well as other fruits, flowers and vegetables at a u-pick farm. From spring through mid-autumn, there are plenty of places to head out into the fields and play farmer for an hour or two.

The early and mid-summer months bring berries galore, starting with strawberries and leading to raspberries, blueberries and blackberries. Lavender season is extremely short, lasting approximately two months, and lavender farms are typically only open in June and July.

Mid-summer is ripe for peaches and pears, while late August starts apple season when dozens of varieties of apples are ready to be tasted.

October ushers in dozens of pumpkin patches, and the holiday season makes way for u-cut Christmas tree farms.

Farmers Markets

The Tualatin Valley’s farmers’ markets are teeming with fruit, vegetables, plants, and so much more, all collected from the farms and fields of the region.

During the height of the summer produce season, it’s easy to find a farmers market nearly every day of the week. Markets are limited in the autumn and winter months. The Beaverton Farmers Market–the largest all-agricultural market in the state–offers a fall and winter market.

Livestock Farms

The Tualatin Valley is home to dozens of livestock farms. Dairy cows, horses, alpaca, bison and sheep are just some of the farm animals you can encounter during a scenic drive through the valley.

Visit the L-Bar-T Bison Ranch for tasty jerky, purchase soft, warm alpaca wool at an alpaca farm, or simply enjoy the scenery of cows crazy on a cool day.

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Fall for our Farmers Markets

Farmers Markets

Fall markets bring bright gourds, abundant onions and other fall produce. After the fall markets end, stay tuned for Winter Markets.

Livestock Farms

Alpaca, Bison and Goats, Oh My

Within minutes, you are transported from the urban centers to the wide open countryside, where farms abound. A visit to the Tualatin Valley’s livestock farms provide a unique getaway.

Seasonal Farms

Seasonal Lavender Farms

Smell the Lavender Scents of Summer

From June through August, the fragrant, relaxing smell of lavender permeates the Tualalatin Valley air, during this short growing season.

Seasonal U-pick Farms

Pick Your Own Produce

During summer and early fall, visit our u-pick farms to taste the freshest berries, apples, peaches and pears.