Laurelwood and Laurel


Take a Drive Through the Rural Communities of Laurelwood and Laurel, Oregon


Located in the foothills of the Chehalem Mountains, Laurelwood is named for the abundance of laurel trees that flank the small town from atop Bald Peak. Settled in the mid-1800s, primarily as a Seventh-day Adventist community, today Laurelwood is an unincorporated small farming community with a population around 500.

Both the towns of Laurel and Laurelwood are located along the Vineyard and Valley Scenic Tour Route, a 60-mile drive through the Tualatin Valley’s lush agricultural and natural spaces.


Settled in 1872, Laurel rests in the foothills of the Chehalem Mountains. This area has a rich Native American history, and was home to the Atfalati tribe of the Kalapuya Native Americans. Today, this small community is home to the largest walnut orchard  in the Tualatin Valley, as well as the Laurel Valley Store, which opened in 1893.

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Scenic Drive

Vineyard & Valley Scenic Tour Route

The nearly 60-mile Vineyard & Valley Scenic Tour Route is a picturesque drive through the Tualatin Valley's agricultural landscapes. The route will guide you through charming rural towns, such as Laurel and Laurelwood.