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Meet Tualatin Valley’s Outdoors

The vastness of the Tualatin Valley, especially when venturing beyond the urban cities, offers innumerable options for outdoor recreation. Many of the valley’s 727 square miles are devoted to pristine, rural wetlands, nature parks, wildlife refuges, verdant forests, tranquil waters and open fields, perfect spots for hiking and cycling, paddle trips, fishing, birding and wildlife watching and other outdoor recreational pursuits.

Cycling in Tualatin Valley

The Tualatin Valley boasts many miles of bike paths, allowing for an exciting and invigorating day, weekend or week of discovery. From urban trails connecting cities, to rural paths in the forest, there is no shortage of places to take the road less traveled.

Hike Tualatin Valley

Tualatin Valley’s verdant forests and hilly landscapes provide plenty of open spaces for hikes to suit adventurers of all abilities. Hike Tualatin Valley, from low-impact walks to mountain hikes of moderate difficulty. These numerous trails provide peaceful escapes, magnificent views and opportunities to view wildlife.  Grab the camera, don your hiking boots and explore.

Paddle Along the Tualatin River

Imagine paddling down 40 nautical miles of a peaceful, slow-moving river. Hear the sounds of birds greeting the passersby, while enjoying a cool trip through tree-lined waterways. Here in the Tualatin Valley, it’s not just your imagination; it’s a reality.

Bird & Wildlife Watching

Hark! What’s that? It is the sound of birds calling you to the Tualatin Valley. Whether you’d like to try bird watching or you’re already a bona fide expert, the Tualatin Valley is the place to be for bird and wildlife watching. From wetlands dotted with birds to biking trails through forested areas, our outdoor opportunities satisfy every visitor. Plan a full day of wildlife watching in Oregon with us.

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Golf & Sports

Tee off in Tualatin Valley

We speak golf in Tualatin Valley. Whether your game is 9 or 18 holes of golf, disc golf, foot golf and mini golf, we've got you covered.

Ziplines, Gliders and More

High-Flying Adventures

From tree-top fun to exhilarating indoor skydiving, these adventures are sure to get your adrenaline pumping!

Tour Routes & Trails

Take the Path Less Traveled

Find a trail to match your interests, or create your own Tualatin Valley adventure using these trails as a guideline.

Where to Fish

Fishing Spots

The Tualatin Valley’s rivers, lakes and ponds — it’s some of the best and most diverse fishing you’ll find near Portland, Oregon.

Paddling, Boating & More

Water Recreation in the Tualatin Valley

The Tualatin Valley is rich in outdoor recreation, and water sports–especially kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding and fishing–are popular pastimes throughout Oregon.