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You Pick, I Pick, We All Pick

Situated in the verdant agricultural areas of Tualatin Valley are several farms offering hands-on activities that run the gamut from berry picking to lavender gathering. Tualatin Valley is rich with u-pick farms, and each month brings new agricultural surprises for travelers.

From berries and flowers to apples and peaches, dozens of u-pick farms dot the Tualatin Valley, allowing visitors to unleash their inner farmers.

The early and mid-summer months bring berries galore, starting with strawberries and leading to raspberries, blueberries and blackberries. Lavender season is extremely short, lasting approximately two months, and these farms are usually only open in June, July and sometimes August. Mid-summer is ripe for peaches and pears, while late August starts apple season when dozens of varieties of apples are ready to be picked and tasted. In October, it’s all about the pumpkins at area pumpkin patches.

Lavender farms fill the valley air with the relaxing scent of lavender in June-August. Visit u-cut lavender farms and take home a bundle of freshly cut lavender, dried and culinary lavender, oils, soaps and bath products. Don’t miss the annual Helvetia Lavender Festival, held at Helvetia Lavender and Christmas Tree Farm each July.

Berries are the crop du jour throughout the summer. Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, marionberries, gooseberries and so many more types are available for u-pick or “ready-pick” (berries that already have been picked).

One of the best ways to see the vastness and natural beauty of Tualatin Valley and to taste the region’s agricultural bounty is along the designated Vineyard and Valley Scenic Tour Route. This 60-mile route showcases dozens of u-pick farms, lavender farms, vineyards and farm stands.

U-Pick Farms in Tualatin Valley

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