2019 Tualatin Valley Maps & Guides
Bulk Visitor Information Request


Bulk Visitor Information Request

Do you want Tualatin Valley visitor information for your business? Please fill out the form below. The form is for bulk orders only.

Are you a planning a visit and would like to order a visitor guide, map or brochure? Please use the order form to request visitor information located here.

Request Bulk Visitor Information

Thank you for your bulk order request.  The following represent minimum quantities available to order:

  • Visitor Guide - 1 box (40 guides per box)
  • Bike Map - 25 maps (minimum)
  • Tualatin River Water Trail Map -- 25 maps (minimum)
  • Tear-off maps - 1 pad (1 pad = 50 sheets)
  • Map of the Quilt Barn Trail of Tualatin Valley - 25 maps (minimum)
  • Guide to Wine Tasting - 25 (minimum)-150 (maximum)
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