Ki-a-Kuts Falls

Ki-a-Kuts Falls is a remote 40-foot waterfall on the Tualatin River. Named after the the last chief of the Atfalati Indian tribe (also known as the Tualatin), the picturesque waterfalls are flanked by basalt columns and cliffs. The falls are only accessible through a rugged hike through a forest of towering trees, so good hiking boots are essential, but a fantastic view of the timeless and serene monument is a fitting reward for the effort it takes to reach the restful site.

Ki-a-Kuts Falls is in a remote area, with unreliable mobile phone service so good preparation is advised: Hikers are recommended to bring plenty of water, food, rain gear, and a first aid kit. Road closures, especially during inclement weather, are possible. Please call the Forest Grove office of the Oregon Department of Forestry about closures or hazards before heading out.

Oregon Department of Forestry
Forest Grove Office:
801 Gales Creek Road
Forest Grove, OR 97116
(503) 357-2191