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Tualatin Valley’s Food Cart Pods

Oregon’s Tualatin Valley is home to a growing selection of food carts. These vendors may be small but pack in big flavor. There are now several food cart pods in Tualatin Valley, where you can find some of the best selections of foods all in one spot.

Food cart pods are the perfect stop for groups with different tastes and cravings. There’s something for everyone, no matter what you’re in the mood for. Grab a gyro or burger, snack on loaded French fries, slurp a Boba tea or coffee. Try something new or enjoy your favorite takeout dish.

Beaverton, a booming food scene in its own right, is home to the first permanent food cart pod in our area, the BG Food Cartel and it has paved the way for others, including food cart pods in Hillsboro and Forest Grove.

Tualatin Valley is quickly earning its own reputation for great food, fast service and impressive variety.

Food carts in Tualatin Valley

BG’s Food Cartel

Food carts at Zesti Food Carts in Forest Grove

Zesti Food Carts
Forest Grove

food carts in hillsboro

Hillsboro Downtown Station

Food Cart Pods in Tualatin Valley

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Venture Out on the Tualatin Valley Ale Trail

The Tualatin Valley Ale Trail is a free passport program to introduce beer lovers to the wealth of craft beer in Tualatin Valley. From the ubiquitous McMenamins to small-batch brewers making IPAs, stouts, porters and more – the Ale Trail has something for each beer connoisseur.

Tualatin Valley Ale Trail

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Plan your Oregon’s Tualatin Valley Getaway

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