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Cider Sightings in Tualatin Valley


Hard Cider Sightings in Tualatin Valley

Tualatin Valley may be well-known for the ample variety of delectable wines and world-famous craft beers, but hard cider recently found its way into the beverage scene and deserves its recognition as a refreshing competitor for your palate.

Fermented cider, often referred to as hard cider, is commonly made from apples but here in Tualatin Valley, brewers are known to mix in other tasty and local Oregon fruits such as peaches, blackberries and marionberries. The possibilities are truly endless and it’s worth a trip to these local attractions to try some for yourself.

Avid Cider from Bend, Oregon, recently opened its first storefront in Tualatin Valley. Located at Washington Square in Tigard, sample their ciders in the cozy tasting room, and peruse the large selection of bottled and canned cider. New to cider? Try one of their handcrafted beers with a splash of cider.

With several locations in Tualatin Valley, McMenamins has its fair share of ciders to choose from, too. McMenamin’s offers the traditional apple cider, as well as seasonal specials like the “TriPPPy” cider with a trio of peach, pineapple and pomegranate. New ciders are released seasonally, which means there is always something new to taste.

Grossen Peaches of Helvetia began Helvetia Cider Co. in 2019, offering their peach ciders in select tap houses and breweries around the area. The u-pick farm has gone back to its roots, picking, pressing and fermenting cider just like their family did in 1891.

Although not a cider, sour beer can overlap in flavors of tartness and sweetness—the difference is the process in which the beverage is made. The Lodge at Cascade Brewing pioneered the “Northwest Sour Ale,” and frequently incorporates locally grown fresh fruit like cherries, grapes and a variety of berries into their beers. With more 20 craft brews on tap at a time, you’re sure to find a new favorite.

Whether you’re looking for something sweet and juicy or dry and tart, or maybe something in between, Tualatin Valley has plenty of cider options that are sure to be a hit with your taste buds.

By Kailee Pence

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