Cow farms in Oregon's Tualatin Valley
Alpaca Farms in Oregon's Tualatin Valley

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Down in the Countryside

Within minutes, you are transported from the urban centers to the wide-open countryside, where farms abound. A visit to the Tualatin Valley’s livestock farms provide a unique getaway. From alpacas to bison, and a few surprises in between, take a break from the ordinary and explore several area farms.

Those aren’t llamas you see while driving along the country roads, those are alpacas, a relative of the llama. The Tualatin Valley is home to several alpaca farms, which raise these social animals for breeding, as well as for their fleece, which is softer and warmer than sheep’s wool.

Farms such as Alpacas of Oregon and Northwest Alpaca have on-site stores, chock-full of luxurious alpaca yarn and alpaca-yarn products.

Heart 2 Heart Farms is a family-run, community-supported agriculture (CSA) and livestock farm dedicated to growing and cultivating fresh, pesticide and hormone-free food products. Farm-raised animals, such as cows, sheep, chickens and pigs roam the area, and visitors are invited to help feed the calves.

At Duyck’s Peachy Pig Farm, a u-pick and ready-pick farm, animals, such as roosters, goats and horses roam the farm.

Hawks Mountain Ranch in Gaston raises Pygora Goats for their fluffy fleece, as well as for breeding. Goats from this farm are regulars on the show circuit, and also make great pets.

While these family farms welcome visitors, many farms throughout the Tualatin Valley are not open to visitors. The Vineyard and Valley Scenic Tour Route is perhaps the best way to see the countryside and to enjoy these farms from the road.

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