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Purpose of the Calendar

The purpose of the Explore Tualatin Valley Events & Festivals calendar is to feature special events whose appeal is broad enough to attract out-of-area visitors or entice visitors to extend their stay or provide a tourism-related activity available to visitors and residents alike. The Explore Tualatin Valley Events & Festival calendar is not meant to be a community calendar and does not list non-tourism related events.

Criteria for Inclusion

  • Event must be located in Washington County, Oregon
  • Event must be open to the public (priority will be given to events with high visitor appeal that will attract visitors from outside of the area)
  • Non-visitor events will not be included on the calendar (examples include, but are not limited to: meetings, conventions, dinners, auctions, fund-raisers, galas, school events, classes/workshops, clinics, camps, on-going permanent events, etc.)
  • Events benefiting charitable organizations, such as rides, runs and other athletic competitions will be considered on a case-by-case basis. To be listed, the public must be able to purchase a ticket or register for the event without additional fund-raising requirements.


Explore Tualatin Valley reserves the right to edit event listings based on appropriateness and space limitations. Submission of an event to the Explore Tualatin Valley Events & Festivals calendar does not guarantee a listing.

Every effort will be made to include those events that meet the above criteria. However, even events that meet all of the above criteria may not be selected if there are space restrictions for that time period. In these cases, major events of visitor interest and/or within Washington County will be given priority.

Priority will be given to events in the following categories:

  • Wine, beer and culinary events
  • Agricultural and agri-tourism events (i.e. berry festivals)
  • Annual events that attract regional travelers (e.g. air shows, unique festivals)
  • Sporting events
  •  Live theater and musical performances
  • Outdoor recreation and nature-related events (e.g. races, rides, excursions)

To submit an event for consideration, please complete this form, or send an email with event details to info@wcva.org. Explore Tualatin Valley is not responsible for the accuracy of event listings submitted. Submitter is responsible for notifying Explore Tualatin Valley of event cancellations and/or changes immediately.