Quilt Barn Trail in Oregon's Tualatin Valley

Quilt Barn Trail


Travel Along the Quilt Barn Trail of Tualatin Valley

Do you have a beloved quilt on your bed, in a family chest, or maybe draped over your couch (begging for a cozy reading session)? For many, quilts are part of the very fiber of our homes. Now, the nostalgia and heritage of quilts can be seen throughout the Tualatin Valley with our very own Quilt Barn Trail.

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The Quilt Barn Trail is composed of large wood blocks that have been hand-painted in traditional quilt patterns that hold some significance to the area or farm where it is located.

The Quilt Barn Trail highlights Tualatin Valley’s agricultural and historical heritage and showcases public art pieces celebrating the art of quilting.

All 60 quilt panels have been installed at area farms and agriculture-related businesses. Each panel tells the story of the property owners and their unique relationship to quilting.

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As you drive from one to the next, imagine each unique panel sewn together as one quilt, representing the rich and diverse heritage of the Tualatin Valley.

Please note that Quilt Barn Trail is meant to be a driving route, and several quilt barns are located on private property, and access may be limited.

Explore the Quilt Barn Trail of Tualatin Valley


Exploring History via Quilt Art

The patterned blocks along the Quilt Barn Trail highlight Tualatin Valley’s agricultural and historical heritage, while creating accessible public art and showcasing the art of quilting.


Quilt Barn & Wine Trail

See the quaint quilt pattern artworks painted on “quilt barns” in the region, while traveling to wineries in the heart of the Tualatin River basin. This two-day tour of the Tualatin Valley countryside begins and ends in the charming city of Forest Grove.

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