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Press Trips

Press Trips

The Washington County Visitors Authority invites qualified members of the media to visit Tualatin Valley on hosted press trips.

To apply, please complete the Media Request Form and submit via email.

Media Request Form

We consistently receive media trip requests, which are assessed on an individual basis. A letter of assignment and/or direct links to previous work samples may be required. Due to the number of requests, we cannot guarantee assistance will be provided on a complimentary basis.

Media Visit & FAM Tour Policies*

Individual Media Trips
Hosted media trips may include hotel, some meals, wine and beer tastings. Ground transportation (the writers arrange their own rental cars and reimburse the cost via check) and airfare is determined on a case-by-case basis. If airfare is provided and a writer needs to cancel the trip, the writer must reimburse the WCVA for the ticket costs.

During an individual media trip, writers are welcome to bring a guest to explore the Tualatin Valley with them. Please note that all travel costs for the guest are the responsibility of the individual. If an additional hotel room is needed for the writer’s guest, then that is also the responsibility of the writer or the guest to reserve and pay for the hotel room. The Washington County Visitors Association (WCVA) will not contribute to the travel cost or additional hotel room of a visiting writer’s guest.

While visiting Tualatin Valley, activity fees will only be covered for the visiting media. If the guest would like to join in the activity, then they will need to pay for his/her own costs.

If a writer’s guest is a member of the media, as well, or is involved with the writer’s work—contributing to their website, photography, etc.—then please let the WCVA know. He/she will need to submit a separate media request form, and the organization will review these situations on a case-by-case basis to see if we may accommodate the guest’s travel costs for the trip.

Group FAM Tours
Group FAM Airfare is determined on a case-by-case basis. If airfare is provided and a writer needs to cancel the trip, the writer must reimburse the WCVA for the ticket costs.

The Washington County Visitors Association will do its best to accommodate individual requests during group fam tours. However, due to the nature of group tours, it may not be possible make changes to the itinerary to accommodate a guest. Additionally, the guest is responsible for any arrangements and/or charges resulting from individual side trips or deviation from the official itinerary (including flight changes, early arrivals and late departures).

The WCVA cannot accommodate additional guests beyond invited media for group FAM tours. As these tours are tightly orchestrated and organized with limited space, there is unfortunately not room for spouses, family members or friends to be included in transportation, meals or other activities.

*This policy is subject to change without notice.

WCVA Media Contacts

Sylke Neal-Finnegan, APR | VP of Marketing & Communications
971-245-3180 | sylke@wcva.org