man reading in a hall after leaving spa, a ghost in the hallway
man reading in a hall after leaving spa, a ghost in the hallway
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Spooky Haunts

Looking for real-life frights? Check out these reportedly haunted spots in Tualatin Valley, where many have reportedly to have had ghostly experiences.

McMenamins Grand Lodge in Forest Grove
If you’re game for sharing the hallway with a ghost, book room 232 at the McMenamins Grand Lodge. It’s said that the Lavender Lady ghost likes to hang out outside the room’s door. Blow your nose before leaving the room—some have noted that they smell lavender on the second floor’s main hallway.

Pacific University in Forest Grove
Classical music enthusiasts should visit Pacific University’s Knight Hall for a potential ghostly encounter with Vera. As a classical music student in the early 1900s, stories of Vera’s ill-timed fate vary, ranging from a fall down the stairs to a lovers’ quarrel. With refined taste, Vera is known to turn off pop radio stations.

Fanno Creek Trail in Tigard
A ghost encounter in nature gives us an extra spook. At Tigard’s Fanno Creek Trail, a few morning walkers have noted seeing a surly dog-walker with two leashed dogs. Not so weird, right? Well, it is when she disappears right before your own eyes.