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Ice Cream Day is Everyday in Oregon’s Tualatin Valley

Ice cream–scoops, soft-serve, vegan or dairy-free–brings joy to people of all ages. Savor mouthwatering scoops, discover new flavors, and revel in the simple pleasures that ice cream brings. Whether you’re a classic vanilla lover, a daring chocolate enthusiast, or an adventurous seeker of exotic flavors, indulge in a world of creamy, delectable goodness at these Tualatin Valley ice cream shops.

22 Below | 16200 SW Pacific Hwy., Ste. Q2 | Tigard
Billed as “Oregon’s Original Rolled Ice Cream,” 22 Below is perhaps one of the most unique ice cream shops on this list. This ice cream shop has more than 30 flavors on the menu (Flaming Hot Cheetos, anyone?), each one rolled, rather than scooped, into a cup to create a unique experience.

Cup & Cone |  15320 NW Central Dr., Ste. D3 | Portland 
Located in Tualatin Valley’s Bethany Village, this small-batch ice cream shop specializes in global favorites, as well as classic flavors. Grab a scoop of flavors inspired by the owners’ world travels, such as Japan Cherry Blossom, India Spiced Chai, Thailand Thai Iced Tea, or Italy Nutella and Toasted Hazelnuts. Cup & Cone also has vegan flavors, too.

McBee’s Shakes, Crepes & Cones | 18365 NW Union Road, Ste. D | Beaverton
While McBee’s specializes in crepes, when it comes to the cold stuff, their soft-serve ice cream hits the spot. Available in three traditional flavors–vanilla, chocolate and swirl–it is the “flavor burst,” a vanilla soft-serve infused with various flavors, that comes ice cream lovers coming back for more.

Ome Calli |  12795 SW Canyon Road | Beaverton
Ome Calli means “second home” in Nahuatl, a native Mexican language, which suits this family-owned dessert stop well. Known for its large variety of popsicles, Ome Calli the purveyor of Mexican frozen treats. With more than 28 flavors of ice cream, this cute shop has the hottest treats to help you cool down on a hot summer day.

Salt & Straw | 2375 SW Cedar Hills Blvd. | Beaverton 
Beaverton’s Salt & Straw’s is this popular Portland-based ice cream shop’s first (and only) Tualatin Valley location. Salt & Straw’s unique flavors, as well as their collaborations with local artisans, make their ice cream delicious and unique. The concept began as a small ice cream cart at farmers markets and other community gatherings. Today, it is a beloved ice cream company that has captured the hearts and taste buds of ice cream enthusiasts around the world.

Other fantastic ice cream shops in Tualatin Valley:

This Ice Cream Day (or any day), delve into the tantalizing flavors and delightful experiences that make ice cream truly irresistible.