See Harvey the Rabbit, a roadside attraction in Aloha, Oregon in the Tualatin Valley
See Harvey the Rabbit, a roadside attraction in Aloha, Oregon in the Tualatin Valley
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Oregon’s Roadside Attraction: Harvey the Rabbit

Giant bunnies have a special place in the world of curiosities. First, there is the Easter Bunny, hopping around with chocolate in a basket like he’s hit the jackpot at one of our farmers markets. And of course, there’s the Energizer Bunny with punk pink and serious drum chops. Tualatin Valley has its own iconic bunny, Harvey the Giant Rabbit.

Harvey stands 26-foot-tall and weighs 2,500 pounds. The fiberglass statue makes his home outside Aloha’s Harvey Marine boat repair shop. Back in the 1960s, Harvey showed up at the shop’s fiberglass department after receiving hefty wind damage. After the original owner abandoned the giant floppy ears, the shop’s owner, Edgar Harvey, took the statue on as his pet project.

The giant waving bunny seemed meant to be. Edgar Harvey already had an inclination toward giant hares due to a 1950 movie sharing his namesake, Harvey, which starred Jimmy Stewart and an imaginary 6-foot rabbit. With a little love, refurbishing, and a new sailor outfit, Oregon’s Washington County found its own rabbit friend.

Road trippers have become enamored with Harvey, waving their hands and honking their horns as they drove by. Harvey’s fandom has even translated into superstition. The legend goes that all must wave to Harvey or risk a flat tire!

Harvey celebrates the seasons with various holiday totems sitting in his outlandishly large hand: Christmas tree, turkey, Valentine’s Day heart, and a jack-o-latern.

Look for him at 21250 Southwest Tualatin Valley Highway in Aloha.