a couple bike riding over a bridge
a couple bike riding over a bridge
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Spend a Day on the Fanno Creek Trail

Stretching between three cities—Beaverton, Tigard and Tualatin over 18.6 miles—the Fanno Creek Trail provides ample opportunities to explore Tualatin Valley’s prime cycling and nature walks in a relaxed environment. Whether you have one hour or the whole day, visitors can connect with nature on the trail and downtown charm on the nearby Main Street.

There are many entry points onto the Fanno Creek Trail, including from Main Street in downtown Tigard. If you’re planning to cycle the Fanno Creek Trail, then make use of the artsy, yet functional bike racks and tire pumps available throughout Main Street so that you can saunter the walkable drag without worrying about the safety of your bike.

Before hitting the trail, head to Symposium Coffee for possibly the best latte you’ve ever had. What’s our suggestion? Try a lavender latte made with house-made hazelnut milk for a smooth, soothing and delicious caffeine buzz.

At Tigard’s Main Street and Grand Avenue, you will find an interpretive panel and map to help you both learn about the Fanno Creek Trail and plan a cycling or walking path and length for the afternoon.

As you take your first steps or pedals along the trail, keep a look out for new public art adorning the retaining wall that transitions the trail from an urban setting to a nature one. Artist Ashley Montague turned the wall into a modern masterpiece of stunning geometric designs.

Those committing to a longer journey will see how the Tualatin River flows alongside the well-maintained path. Cutting under the trestle on the trail, walkers and cyclists can head toward the Ki-a-Kuts Bridge. The pedestrian bridge sports a gorgeous view, with moss covered oak trees bouncing their emerald hues off the soft gurgling Tualatin River below.  Upon crossing the bridge, the river floodplain leads into the Tualatin Community Park.

When you circle back to the Main Street entry point, hikers can celebrate their accomplishments with more fun in downtown Tigard. First, a beer at the nearby Cooper Mountain Ale Works (previously Max’s Fanno Creek Brew Pub). Next, hungry bellies can squash Mexican food cravings with a taco plate from Taco Del Sol. The hole-in-the-wall Mexican food restaurant is a local favorite that visitors will love, too.