variety of korean food in bowls
variety of korean food in bowls
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A Beaverton Tour of International Cuisine

While the city of Portland pops up on a lot of lists of foodie cities, Tualatin Valley steadily holds its own. Beaverton’s authentic eateries have been recognized for their own contributions to the Portland region’s international culinary scene.

Last year, the city of Beaverton made Thrillist’s list of “11 Best Suburbs in America for Food.” Beaverton is home to many of Tualatin Valley’s best Asian restaurants, and the city’s legendary Korean restaurant were noted in the article.

Oyatsupan Bakers brings traditional Japanese baked goodies to the region. Select from sweet and savory pastries and breads, prepared with Japanese ingredients, such as red bean paste, matcha and Japanese curry.

The Portland region’s first-ever Puerto Rican restaurant, Boriken, has been featured on the Eater website. Known for its plantains and mofongos and other Caribbean specialties, Boriken brings the authentic tastes of Puerto Rico to Beaverton.

Across the street from Boriken is Ome Calli ice cream shop. Not your ordinary ice cream parlor, Ome Calli specializes in exotic frozen treats inspired by the owners’ home country of Mexico. Order a chamoyada, a type of shaved ice served with chili power, lime juice, chamoy sauce and a frozen pop. Or have a refreshing fruit-infused ice pop (paletas). Ome Calli also has ice cream, sorbet and more.

Warm up with a bowl of yuzu ramen from AfuriThis popular Japanese chain opened its first location outside Japan in Portland in 2016. The broth is packed with umami flavors and notes of citrus. The sleekly designed restaurant also serves sushi, dumplings, cocktails and more.

Another Portland restaurant branching out to Beaverton is Top Burmese Bistro Royale.  Burmese food is similar to Chinese and Indian food, with curries, noodle dishes and samosas. Top Burmese is known for its fermented tea leaf salad — laphet thoke.

The BG’s Food Cartel is Oregon’s largest food cart pod! With 25 carts (and counting!) BG’s features a cavalcade of international cuisine. Explore the tastes of Guam, Argentina, Japan, Thailand and more.

One of Beaverton’s newest restaurants is Koya Sushi. Koya takes a modern interpretation of classic dishes using fresh ingredients. They serve a wide variety of sushi as well as teriyaki entrees, rice bowls, yakisoba and more.