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Ask a Local: Daniel Morgan


Scenic Bikeway sign in Oregon's Tualatin Valley

A New Outlook is always just a Ride Away

As a child, Daniel Morgan bicycled everywhere. The homes of his youth—Ohio, Hudson Valley and the Catskills—had backroads imprinted by the pattern of his bicycle’s tires. While his place of residences has changed, his love and commitment to cycling have not. For the past 19 years, however, Daniel and his bike have called Tualatin Valley home. Living in the Bethany neighborhood, Daniel incorporates cycling into his everyday life with an easy bike commute.

In order to foster community among like-minded cyclists, Daniel and his wife, Janet, organized a weekend ride series. Single riders and tandem riders who appreciate off-road pedaling explore the 200+ miles of rural gravel roads. The Tualatin Valley’s gravel rides are beautiful and convenient as riders are typically just minutes from the Portland metro area. To that end, Daniel said, “It is unbelievable that you are just seven miles from civilization and can experience the best strawberry shortcake in the world at the Dixie Mountain Grange. Wineries, zip lines, and brewpubs are never too far away.”

The choices upon choices of trails are key not only for the diversity of rides but also for flexibility in the face of inclement weather, conditions and travel plans. Daniel touts the benefits of being able to choose between driving, cycling or taking the MAX to a trailhead. Daniel jokes that most PNW’ers have 10 different rain jackets depending on the weather; yet, natural elements are part merely part of the cycling experience. Daniel said, “Agricultural and forest lands always have their own dynamic, so a blocked view in the summer will be exposed in the winter. For instance, a new logged area will allow you to see a valley you had not seen or a herd of elk.”

Tualatin Valley Ride with GPS Routes

When asked what his favorite rides were in the area, Daniel gave us too many to list! That is simply a testament to what a committed cyclist he is, as well as how much cycling exploration Tualatin Valley has to offer. This is why we enlisted Daniel to help us with organizing, routing and testing the Tualatin Valley Ride With GPS routes. The provided routes are easy-to-follow guides for cycling in the area.

Feeling adventurous? If yes, then follow Daniel’s advice, “When you look at the route that we highlighted and ride them, you will see how they can be modified to ride in reverse, take out a section and combine it with another. They are essentially templates to allow you to tailor to your interests and abilities. Bite off more than you can handle, the weather changed? You can head back on a perfectly wonderful road that just may become your favorite.”

As a true expert in not only cycling but also in Tualatin Valley, we trust Daniel’s recommendations wholeheartedly.